Amdaris is committed to working together to help save the planet

Amdaris cares about our planet

Our environment is our future, and at Amdaris, we want to take responsibility for the preservation of our planet. We have taken the steps to ensure each daily activity is focused on protecting our ecosystem. Each Amdarian has pledged to reduce, reuse and recycle, with particular focus in five key areas.

We Reduce Paper

Despite the digital world we live in, 80 per cent of organisational processes are still managed on paper. We have introduced a number of paper-saving initiatives to tackle this problem, head-on.

We Save Energy

In order to remain switched on in taking care of the environment, you have to switch off. As such, we take the time to ensure excessive energy use is reduced throughout Amdaris. This means saying “no” to screensavers, switching off lights a powering down at the end of the day.

We Reduce Plastic

Prevention is better than cure. We recognise that if we can take simple steps to reducing our plastic usage in the first place, then we take the necessary steps in protecting our planet. Our goal is to eliminate the consumption of single-use plastics for a greener future.

We Recycle

We believe in marginal gains, and minor changes make a big difference. We have installed recycle bins in every office to give Amdarians accessibility to help tackle climate change.

We Spread The Word

There is no wealth like knowledge. This is why we encourage everyone at Amdaris to spread the word; not only about the simple, everyday changes they can make, but why it’s important in the first place.

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