Digital TrAnsformation

Change is constant. We help you adapt.

Regardless of industry or the scale of your challenge, you name it. We do it.


We facilitate change

We understand the challenges of digital transformation, and believe in the opportunities they bring. We collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.


Discover a new world of performance, security and flexibility

Think of us as your relocation specialists, migrating your data in a safe and secure environment. The cloud is an amazing place; think scalability, reliability, reduced costs, data insights, disaster recovery and more. It’s a great place for software to live; we'll help you get there.


We are well versed in a variety of software

Give us a challenge to take inefficient or outdated processes and we will design and build software that can revolutionise your processes. Our offering will bring tangible business value, and allow you to step into a new era of digital processes


Bringing business value through new technology

We are passionate about leveraging the very latest technologies to bring business value. We are working with a wide variety of softwares; artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, big data and analytics. It allows businesses to offer new products and services, automate processes, reduce the cost of operations, secure data and extract new business insights.


Integration that delivers greater value

We do more than just integrate multiple COTS and bespoke systems. We utilise every opportunity to exploit the data that is brought together. It allows us to bring new business insights that were previously out of reach.


Investing in the future of your software estate

We love transforming existing and legacy applications to create new business value and future-proof your software estate. Our holistic approach ensures robust and quality design, from the architecture to the user experience.


Proven effective processes

We practice a detailed and established agile methodology. It allows us to deliver on projects in a timely manner without compromising on quality. We are a 10-year Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner and have an internationally recognised certification ISO 27001. As such, you can be rest-assured of the security of your data.


Closing the skills gap

There is an evident skills gap in the UK technology space, which is unable to keep up with the plethora of software solution ideas being born. Our nearshore services offer company culture parallel to your own, proficiency in English and a similar time zone. Equally, our exceptional software teams possess unique and desirable skillsets, which power the success of every project.


Our duty to excel

Technology is evolving at a fast pace. This is both exciting and daunting for anyone delving into the realms of software development. We want to ensure every client feels confident. The Amdaris Project Health Index (APHI) allows us to minimise risk, ensuring the delivery, scalability and security of every project. It is a simple questionnaire audit which is reviewed at key stages in a project, allowing for continuous improvement, reassurance and satisfaction.

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